Wildwood National Scenic Trail

National Recreation Trail

If you’ve ever visited Portland Oregon, you’ve probably noticed that there are miles of undeveloped hillside along the Willamette River, just north of the city. That awesome ridge is Forest Park, a giant urban forest (5,157 acres, to be exact). There are over 80 miles of trails in Forest Park, but the longest trail in Forest Park is the Wildwood Trail. It is a National Recreation Trail with a total length of 30.2 miles. It is charmingly marked with blue diamond blazes on towering fir trees.Ever since moving to Portland, Limbo and I have wanted to hike the Wildwood Trail, end to end, in one day. Before thru-hiking the AT, we thought doing it all in one day would be impossible. Then we hiked 2,000+ miles, and our perspective changed a little bit. So, earlier this summer, we decided to take on the Wildwood. We only punished ourselves into hiking one ~30-mile day on the trail, so I still approached this undertaking with some healthy respect.

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