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Engineering & Survey

Featured Project

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) is collaborating with OHM Advisors and Terrain360 to create 360-degree maps of its waterways, including streams, culverts, and bridges. This project, akin to Google Street View but for rivers, will assist in identifying erosion or debris and aid in maintenance and inspection. While primarily for internal use, the main stem of the Cuyahoga River map will be available on Terrain360.com, offering both technical and recreational benefits, such as aiding kayakers and paddlers in exploring the river.


Recreation & Preservation

Lolo Trail & Lemhi Pass

Terrain360 undertook an extensive mapping project on the Lolo Trail (ID) and Lemhi Pass (ID, MT), capturing over 170 miles of backcountry roads in 360° imagery. This project was aimed at providing detailed, panoramic views of these historically and ecologically significant areas, enhancing virtual access and exploration. The initiative reflects Terrain360's commitment to digitally preserving and showcasing remote natural landscapes through advanced mapping technologies.


Recreation & Asset Management

Little Sioux State Scenic River

Terrain360, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, completed a comprehensive mapping project on the Little Sioux River. This initiative involved mapping the river's course, spanning 78 miles across northwest Iowa, and all public access sites using advanced 360° imagery and drone photography. The project enhances public access. education and awareness of this significant natural waterway, providing a detailed and immersive virtual exploration of the river and its surroundings.



Niobrara National Scenic River

Terrain360 collaborated with the National Park Service on a project to map the Niobrara National Scenic River using 360° imagery. This project aimed to provide an immersive virtual experience of the river, known for its diverse ecosystems and scenic beauty. The detailed mapping effort enhances public access and awareness, allowing for a comprehensive digital exploration of this unique natural area.