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Mt. Tamalpais State Park


Terrain360.com is an interactive guide to the natural world, providing 360°, panoramic image maps of some of the most beautiful trails, waterways and cherished landscapes in the World.

Terrain360 believes that technology doesn’t have to be a barrier to the outdoors, it can actually be a gateway to getting outside and experiencing rivers, trails and other natural areas. With our surface-level image maps — all fully customizable with intersection labeling, embedded waypoints, etc. — Terrain360 strives to push the boundaries of interactive cartography and engage users with a tool that not only inspires a love of the outdoors, but also serves as a useful barometer of the challenges these precious spaces face on a daily basis.

State Location Dates
Michigan Huron River July 2018
Michigan Macomb Orchard Trail July 2018
Michigan Clinton River Park Trail July 2018
Michigan Lakelands Trail State Park July 2018
Michigan Detroit Riverwalk July 2018
Michigan Huron River Greenway July 2018
Michigan Blue Water Riverwalk July 2018
Michigan Avoca Trail July 2018
Michigan Lake St Clair Water Trail July 2018
Michigan Clinton River July 2018
Michigan Rouge River July 2018
Michigan Detroit River July 2018
Michigan St Clair River July 2018
Alabama Coosa River August 2018
Maryland Charles County Trails August 2018
Florida The Florida Trail August 2018
Florida The Florida Trail (Panhandle) August 2018
Louisiana/Texas Toledo Bend Reservoir September 2018
Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park (Permit Pending) September 2018
Colorado Cherry Creek State Park September 2018
Virginia/North Carolina Dismal Swamp Canal Ditch September 2018
Maryland Severn & Mogathy Rivers September 2018
Michigan Lake Erie Shorline October 2018
Michigan Clinton River October 2018
Michigan Michigan Greenways October 2018
Utah Green River November 2018
Florida Gulf Shores State Park November 2018
Washington State/Oregon Columbia River July 2019
Washington State Snake River July 2019
Montana Missouri River July 2019
Montana Lewis & Clark National Forest July 2019



Here are some of our favorite projects and the great conservation groups we have worked with.

Lake Huron & Blueways of St. Clair


Mapping the Blue Water of Lake Huron was like being immersed in a Caribbean paradise, only in Michigan.

SEMCOG + Blueways of St. Clair

James River


The first full river (400+ miles) we mapped in 2014 will always have a place in our heart. We plan on re-mapping in 2019. Thanks to Justin Doyle for your planning and leadership.

James River Association

Appalachian Trail


Mapping the Appalachian Trail is a multiyear process full of blood, sweat and tears. We plan on continuing to map the AT in 2019. Thanks to Anderson Pusey for your perseverance and photography

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Blackwater River


This unique bayou system in the FL panhandle is full of history, gators and beautiful scenery. Thanks to Kenyon Murrell for your knowledge and company.

Blackwater Maritime Heritage Trail

South Branch Potomac River


We spent 3 days on this river in an experimental catacraft, the weather was perfect. Thanks to Mike Harris for your hard work.

Chesapeake Conservancy

Acadia National Park


This National Park stands out among the 57 other parks. The weather was beautiful and clear. Thanks to Ross Milby for the great photography.

North Carolina Outer Banks


We walked from the VA/NC border to the South end of Ocracoke Island in an epic 3 week journey over the beach. Thanks to Mike Harris for the epic sand hikes and great photography.


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