Blackfoot River
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Lewis and Clark note on July 6th, 1806 the extensive amount of nature and wildlife present in the breathtaking plain. "Burrowing squirrls in this prarie of the speceis common to the plains of Columbia. saw some goats and deer. The trail which we take to be a returning war-party of the Minnetares of Fort de prarie becomes much fresher. They have a large pasel of horses. saw some Curloos, bee martains woodpeckers plover robins, doves, ravens, hawks and a variety of sparrows common to the plains also some ducks... Cottonwood and pine grow intermixed in the river bottoms musquitoes extremely troublesome" Lewis also mentions plenty of deer and dams along the Blackfoot River.

Banded together, Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea ventured north onto an
 "extensive high prarie rendered very uneven by a vast number of little hillucks and sinkholes. These plains I called the prarie of the knobs from a number of knobs being irregularly scattered through it."

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