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AT Pass Mountain
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Pass Mountain is a prominent 3,000 foot mountain along a long ridgeline in the Northern section of Shenandoah National Park. The trail is very rocky and there are side trails to nice viewpoints on rocky edges. Much of the higher elevation hiking on the mountain is done on the Appalachian Trail.

Pass Mountain has its own (named) trail coming from Route 211, just before you get to Skyline Drive. You can also climb it from Skyline Drive using an easy 1.3 mile trail to the top, entirely along the Appalachian Trail. This is a gentle hike through the woods, best done in winter time, when you can take side trails to view points, and climb on the rocks, before all the dense foliage grows back.

Getting There
The long trail is off of Route 211, about 2.5 miles East of the entrance to Skyline Drive. Park your car on the first parking area once the road gets curvy and has two lanes on the right side. Then you have to walk up Route 211 (be careful of the traffic) and find the clearly marked Pass Mountain trailhead on the right side of the road. 

To get to Skyline Drive (or the Pass Mountain trail) you take 66 West from Washington DC, to exit 43A, Gainesville (US Route 29 south). Follow Route 29 to Warrenton where you take US Route 29 business. Once in town, make a right hand turn on Route 211 which intersects with Skyline Drive at the Thornton Gap Entrance.


Pass Mountain Trail
Directions: Park off route 211, 2.5 miles before the Thornton Gap Entrance to Skyline Drive. 
Elevation Gain 1500’ 
9 miles round trip

Beahms Gap (2485')
MilePost 28.5 off of Skyline Drive. You must cross Skyline Drive to take the Appalachian Trail South.
Elevation Gain 470’ 
2.5 miles round trip

For both routes
The true summit of Pass Mountain is in the woods at the top of a steep hill. Two rocks are on the side of the trail, and the one on the right is the summit.

Source: www.summitpost.org

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