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AT Rock Spring to Gravel Springs
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Gravel Springs Gap.
Elevation 2,665 feet.

Hikes: A. T. crossing. There's a paved parking area on the east side of the Drive. Distances on the AT.: North (on the west side of the Drive) it's 1.6 miles to the Drive crossing at Mile 15.95, on the saddle between the two peaks of Mount Marshall. South (on the east side) it's 1.3 miles to the Drive crossing at Mile 18.9.

The old Browntown-Harris Hollow Road crossed the mountain here. On the west side it's now yellow-blazed and classified as a horse trail. On the east it's used as the service road for Gravel Springs Hut.   

Hike: Gravel Springs Hut. Circuit 0.8 mile; climb about 190 feet; time required 0:50 Take the A.T. on the east side of the Drive; it starts out parallel to the service road and just a few feet to the right of it. After less than 300 yards the trail divides, with the A.T. going right and the Bluff Trail left. Take the left fork, and continue about 0.2 mile to the service road; the spring and hut are both in view to your right. The hut has a fireplace and a table. The old Browntown-Harris Hollow road used to continue down hill beyond this point, is now a maintained spur trail to Harris Hollow trail. You can return to your car the way you came or, for variety, make it a circuit hike by returning on the service road. It rejoins the A.T. at the parking area.

The Rock Spring Cabin is rented out by the PATC and is available to the general public. The cabin has a beautiful view of the valley beyond. The cabin is quite cozy and well equipped. The other structure in the area is the Rock Spring Hut. It’s a three-sided building with an elevated sleeping platform.  A spring for fresh water and a privy are located close by. The hut was put in place to provide shelter to thru-hikers and section hikers along the Appalachian Trail. This stretch of trail after leaving the Rock Spring area passes several nice overlooks from rocky ledges. 

Source: www.ajheatwole.com

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