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Buxton Woods Trail
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Because of its relative undeveloped nature and desolation, visitors won't find many well-marked access points to Buxton Woods. According to many locals, the best way to explore the area is to travel down the back roads and look for rustic trail heads, that spill out of the woods with irregularity. There are two main entry points to Buxton Woods, however, both located in neighboring Buxton. The first trailhead is located just 1/8 mile past the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, adjacent to the British Cemetery. This trail begins as a wide open route through Buxton, and gradually narrows as it crosses the town line and delves deep into Buxton Woods. Approximately 7 miles long, this rustic trail takes visitors along the borders of one of Buxton's biggest ponds, through thickets of dense woods, and random patches of oceanfront-worthy sand dunes that tower above the landscape, and even provide distant views of the Atlantic Ocean located nearly a mile away.

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