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Moorman's River Trail
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This hike allows you to see the amazing impact that the flood of 1996 had on the watershed here. A couple places of the north fork watershed saw whole sections of the mountainside slide down into the valley. Big Branch Falls was changed dramatically. While in this area, you may also want to check out the south fork trail. This trail requires you to cross the North fork of the river at the parking area, scramble up the bank and follow the old road up the mountain. The hike is a nice one especially in the fall. This trail will eventually take you past an old stone chimney on the left which is all that remains of Joe Young's cabin. Joe Young was a mountain resident who was allowed to live out his final days in his cabin while other mountain folk were displaced for the formation of Shenandoah National Park. After he died, the cabin was destroyed, leaving only the chimney. A little beyond the chimney is a well known swimming hole called Blue Hole. Lovely spot with a small falls and deep swimming hole with a rope swing. The water is very cold!! The trail will eventually bring you up to the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park after passing some more ruins and foundations. All in all it is a beautiful and relatively easy hike.

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