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Border-to-Border Trail
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Border-to-Border Trail


The Border To Border (B2B) Trail, of which major segments have been completed, will span across Washtenaw County, roughly following the Huron River and also extending towards the northwest corner of the County. The pathway will connect communities, parks, and educational facilities, and be approximately 50 miles in length. In addition, other facilities, such as bike lanes, will connect into the Border To Border trail, helping create a larger non-motorized network in the County. ‚ÄčThe Border To Border Trail is also a part of the Michigan Iron Belle Trail. The Iron Belle Trail is a project of the State of Michigan to establish both a hiking/walking and bicycling path going from Belle Isle in Detroit to Ironwood in the western Upper Peninsula (the B2B Trail is on the Iron Belle hiking/walking segment).

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Border-to-Border Ann Arbor