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Caledon State Park
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A National Natural Landmark

Caledon State Park

About A National Natural Landmark

Caledon State Park is a 2,579-acre (1,044 ha) state park located in King George, Virginia. The property was initially owned by the Alexander brothers, founders of the city of Alexandria, and was established in 1659 as Caledon Plantation. Ownership passed, in 1974, to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A designated National Natural Landmark, Caledon State Park provides visitors a unique opportunity to view bald eagles in their natural habitat. Caledon and the surrounding areas are the summer home for one of the largest concentrations of bald eagles on the East Coast.

As many as 60 eagles have been spotted here on the bluffs overlooking the Potomac River, a major Chesapeake Bay tributary. Caledon preserves the national bird's habitat while allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of this part of the Potomac River by hiking and picnicking in a mature forest. Trails, including Boyd's Hole Trail, which leads to the Potomac River, are open year-round. A visitor center with bald eagle exhibits, four picnic areas and a picnic shelter also are available.

Source/ Photo: Findyourchesapeake.com

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Hike Caledon State Park - Jones Pond loop

Woods, water, old growth trees, bald eagles and a new trail system!