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Darden Towe Park
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Enjoy Beauty and Serenity

Darden Towe Park

About Enjoy Beauty and Serenity

Darden Towe Park is a 113-acre park located near the intersection of Route 20 and Route 250 in Albemarle County. It is funded and operated jointly by the county and Charlottesville governments. The park's recreational features include one field for Little League baseball, three softball fields, four multi-purpose rectangular fields, four tennis courts, and running trails. The athletic fields are the heaviest-used in the community. Other amenities include a dog park, wheelchair-accessible playground, a picnic shelter with a seating capacity of 50.

There is also canoe and kayak access to the Rivanna River, which serves as one of the park's boundaries. Although a boat ramp is a great commodity for people looking to gain access to the river, swimming is not permitted at the boat ramp itself; however, there are plenty of walks and spaces to enjoy the outdoors. As you explore the various trails hidden on the edge of the park, you'll discover hidden swimming spots perfect for cooling off. 

The Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center is located in Darden Towe Park. It is a hands-on center focusing on the historic expedition as a gateway for learning about exploration, transportation, the arts, science, the natural environment, and native cultures.

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