Huron River Water Trail Terrain360 Map Collection

The Huron River Water Trail is a 104-mile (167 km) inland paddling trail connecting people to the river’s natural environment, its history and the communities it touches in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  From the rapids at Delhi and Dexter to the placid flat water at the entrance to Lake Erie, a variety of paddling experiencesawait you.  For kayaking, canoeing, fishing on a fly, and other freshwater pursuits, follow the Huron River Water Trail to learn what others already know – that Huron River is a Michigan treasure worth exploring.

Belleville Lake (8.54 mi)

42.209849, -83.539513
Belleville Lake scene image looking forward

Loon Lake (0.77 mi)

42.438917, -83.864478
Loon Lake scene image looking forward

Lower Huron River (17.18 mi)

42.199355, -83.426827
Lower Huron River scene image looking forward

Portage Lake (4.76 mi)

42.415598, -83.908592
Portage Lake scene image looking forward

Proud Lake (2.23 mi)

42.567965, -83.524182
Proud Lake scene image looking forward

Ypsilanti Section (2.5 mi)

42.255748, -83.62144
Ypsilanti Section scene image looking forward

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Portage Lake Dam to Barton Pond