Lower Grand River Terrain360 Map Collection

Enjoying our Grand River Watershed

The Lower Grand River Watershed covers the lower portion of the Grand River that drains into Lake Michigan from Ionia County. There are many subwatersheds within the Lower Grand River Watershed (see map). You can find your watershed using the Find My Watershed tool. The Grand River is the longest river in Michigan, spanning 252 miles, and was named O-wash-ta-nong, meaning Far-Away-Water, by Native Americans who lived there prior to settlement.A “watershed” is an area of land, defined by hills and ridges that drain to a common body of water. Groundwater and surface water are connected within a watershed, and both supply our drinking water, agricultural irrigation, and manufacturing processes. The Lower Grand River watershed offers opportunities for recreation, like fishing and paddling, and provides vital habitat to plants and animals.  It is important to protect the quality of our watershed because human activity can create various forms of pollution, including runoff and erosion, which interfere with the health of the watershed.  

Bass Lake (4.33 mi)

43.016943, -86.019182
Bass Lake scene image looking forward

Bruce's Bayou (1.04 mi)

43.042055, -86.12968
Bruce's Bayou scene image looking forward

South Channel (0.44 mi)

43.067867, -86.209472
South Channel scene image looking forward

Bass Lake to Odawa (7.93 mi)

43.018138, -86.020568
Bass Lake to Odawa scene image looking forward

Lyons to Saranac (19.03 mi)

42.977317, -84.941322
Lyons to Saranac scene image looking forward

Millennium Park (3.77 mi)

42.929757, -85.75695
Millennium Park scene image looking forward

Grand Haven Access (0.02 mi)

43.075663, -86.228992
Grand Haven Access scene image looking forward

Grand River Park (0.02 mi)

42.944315, -85.85457
Grand River Park scene image looking forward

Hazel Devore Park (0.02 mi)

42.983897, -84.947848
Hazel Devore Park scene image looking forward

Saranac Access (0.04 mi)

42.932524, -85.214208
Saranac Access scene image looking forward

Thompson Park (0.02 mi)

42.867348, -84.910106
Thompson Park scene image looking forward

Webber Dam Access (0.01 mi)

42.954016, -84.905035
Webber Dam Access scene image looking forward

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Lyons to Saranac

Enjoy a scenic float down the longest stretch of undammed water on the Grand River. 

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