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Mint Springs Park
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A Peaceful and Serene Place to Get Away

Mint Springs Park

About A Peaceful and Serene Place to Get Away

Mint Springs Valley Park is a 520 acre park in Albemarle County. Enjoy miles of trails, swimming and fishing in the lakes, playing in the playground and enjoying a picnic at one of the many picnic shelters. The lakes of Mint Springs once provided drinking water for the Town of Crozet. Today they serve as habitat to several species of fish, including largemouth bass, black crappie, native bluegill, bream, and stocked rainbow trout. Buck Elbow Mountain rises over 2,000 feet above Mint Springs Valley. 

There are over five miles of trails in the park, from easy trails along the lake to more strenuous trails up in the mountains. Hiking trails include: Fire Trail 1.8 miles - elevation change 370 feet; Hollow Trail 0.5 miles - elevation change 240 feet; Lake Trail 0.5 miles - elevation change 60 feet; Big Survey Trail 0.8 miles. Along the trails, poplar, maple, and oak trees are common.

Source: Albemarle.orgKidsinparks.com

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Enjoy Mint Springs Dam Break Walk

If you get enough of the swimming and picnic grounds, the scenery around the lake is worth a stroll.