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The Nanticoke River is the largest Chesapeake Bay tributary on the lower Delmarva Peninsula, meandering gently through marshland, forests and farmland, on its 64 mile journey from southern Delaware to Tangier Sound in Maryland. The Nanticoke watershed encompasses approximately 530,000 acres, including over 50,000 acres of tidal wetlands, which represent about one-third of all the tidal wetlands in the State of Maryland. The watershed is also the most biologically diverse watershed on the Delmarva, and is home to the highest concentration of bald eagles in the northeastern United States. Navigable beyond Seaford, Delaware, the river has played an important role in commerce and trade throughout its history, providing a critical water route for early Native American tribes, and later for European settlers. The Nanticoke River offers excellent opportunities for paddlers to explore its history, beauty and to catch a glimpse of the wildlife that call it home. Please browse this site to find out more about paddling the Nanticoke River.

Cedar Hill Marina (0.16 mi)

38.311023, -75.889182
Cedar Hill Marina scene image looking forward

Koch Access (0.08 mi)

38.562505, -75.629179
Koch Access scene image looking forward

Laurel River Park (0.13 mi)

38.556819, -75.577463
Laurel River Park scene image looking forward

Nanticoke Harbor (0.21 mi)

38.270164, -75.909493
Nanticoke Harbor scene image looking forward

Nanticoke Marina (0.14 mi)

38.637912, -75.610467
Nanticoke Marina scene image looking forward

Tyaskin Wharf (0.09 mi)

38.327086, -75.875209
Tyaskin Wharf scene image looking forward

Vienna Landing (0.26 mi)

38.483648, -75.823298
Vienna Landing scene image looking forward

Wetipquin Landing (0.04 mi)

38.326376, -75.86679
Wetipquin Landing scene image looking forward

Seaford River Walk (0.13 mi)

38.641224, -75.609265
Seaford River Walk scene image looking forward

Broad Creek (7.78 mi)

38.55894, -75.573273
Broad Creek scene image looking forward

Marshyhope River (16.21 mi)

38.686343, -75.769628
Marshyhope River scene image looking forward

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Broad Creek

The Broad Creek watershed comprises about 75,000 acres in southwestern Sussex County.

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