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The Patuxent River is a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay in the state of Maryland. There are three main river drainages for central Maryland: the Potomac River to the west passing through Washington, D.C., the Patapsco River to the northeast passing through Baltimore, and the Patuxent River between the two. The 937-square-mile (2,427 km2) Patuxent watershed had a rapidly growing population of 590,769 in 2000. It is the largest and longest river entirely within Maryland, and its watershed is the largest completely within the state.

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Jug Bay to Kings Creek

Native Americans have lived along the Patuxent River since at least 6500 BC.&nbsp;An archaeological dig at&nbsp;<a href=",_MD" target="" rel="">Pig Point</a>&nbsp;(just north of&nbsp;<a href="" target="" rel="">Jug Bay</a>&nbsp;at the end of Wrighton Road)&nbsp;uncovered the oldest known artifacts in the Mid Atlantic states, including pottery, arrow and spear points and remnants of wigwams, fires and foodways. The site was probably a center of trade in the region and has one of the best unbroken archaeological records on the East Coast.&nbsp;The Pig Point site includes the oldest structures ever found in Maryland,&nbsp;wigwam&nbsp;post holes dating to the 3rd century.

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