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Walnut Creek Park
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Walnut Creek Park

About A Recreation Resource for Hikers, Joggers and Bicyclists

Walnut Creek Park is located in southern Albemarle County, Virginia, and is run by the Albemarle County Parks and Recreation Department. The park covers 525 acres, including 45 water acres and two beach acres. It is surrounded by mountainous terrain, and includes open fields and the beautiful spring-fed Walnut Creek Lake. The park offers many experiences for outdoor recreation including: swimming beach and pavilion, fishing, 15 miles of trails for biking, hiking, or running, canoeing, disc golf, picnic shelters with BBQ and plenty of parking. 

45-acre Walnut Creek Lake was impounded in 1990 and is the primary attraction at Walnut Creek Park. The lake has excellent populations of largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, redear sunfish, and channel catfish. Although the lake bottom was cleared of trees prior to impoundment, fish attractors have been added at several locations. 

Source: Dgif.virginia.govBrdgc.org

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Take a Walk at Wilkins Trail

The trail goes up, down, and around the natural contours of this park's hills and ravines and offers scenic views and dense woods on hillsides along the beautiful Walnut Creek Lake.