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Warm Springs Mountain
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Outdoor Adventures and an Inspiring Conservation Story

Warm Springs Mountain

About One of North America’s Richest Natural Treasures

Warm Springs Mountain forms Bath County’s natural backbone, an ever-present and instantly recognizable ridge running along its center. Visitors have been drawn to this area for centuries.

Ingalls Overlook offers a spectacular view of the Allegheny Mountains, part of the Warm Springs Mountain Preserve. Visitors gaze across a sea of ridges rolling to the horizon - an unexpected, unbroken forest in a well-traversed part of America. The view was much the same for the native Algonquin people, who called these mountains allegheny, meaning “endless.” Since the 1800s, people have sought rejuvenation and recreation here, including Thomas Jefferson, who found these highlands both therapeutic and inspiring. Today, these historic highlands are also recognized as one of North America’s richest natural treasures. At Warm Springs Mountain and across the Allegheny Highlands,The Nature Conservancy works to preserve the region’s beauty and diversity of life for future generations.

A great hike of just 2.4 miles roundtrip begins at the Overlook. The Ingalls Overlook Trail is a well-marked interpretive hiking trail that provides an excellent introduction to the mountain. The trail climbs among a series of scenic rock formations before looping back to the main trail with another scenic view before returning to the overlook parking area.

Bordering the historic Homestead resort, this area includes a globally rare montane pine barren and an old-growth hickory forest, which provide habitat for several rare plants and invertebrates. Wildlife in the area include migratory songbirds, raptors, black bear, bobcat, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, timber rattlesnake, wood frog, red-spotted newt. 

Source: Nature.org, Warm_springs_mountain_preserve.htm

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Escape to Warm Springs Mountain

Revel in the gorgeous countryside of the Nature Conservancy’s Warm Springs Mountain Preserve and hike the easy 2.4-mile Ingalls Overlook Trail, where you’ll see catawba rhododendrons, ruffed grouse, migratory songbirds, and possibly even a bobcat or black bear. The Ingalls Overlook hike is a quick out and back teardrop hike along the ridge of Bonner Mountain just east of Warm Springs VA, and starts at Ingalls Overlook on VA39 with a stunning view.